Office Hours.

Monthly quick-fire sessions that bring together pre-seed founders with our brilliant team of investors. A safe space to discuss your big idea.

Person holding a white pot of scindapsus pictus argyraeus plant on a white background.

A lot can happen in 20 minutes.

Our Office Hours pitching sessions are open to any founder with a big idea at the start of their journey. Apply for the next session to pitch your idea or simply ask for advice and feedback. We've invested in multiple companies through Office Hours - it's a great way to meet the team.

No warm intros needed.

Who it's for.

Ambitious founders with big ideas and an eye for detail. We love meeting people who are passionate about solving real problems.

What you get.

Founders come to office hours to either pitch for investment or advice. We have invested in a number of founders from Office Hours.

When to apply.

Office Hours is for founders who are pre-product and pre-revenue. If you are further along, submit your deck via our Funding page.

Apply now

Whether you're looking for investment or just looking for some advice we'd love to hear from you. Our Office Hours application will only take you a few minutes - it could be the start of an exciting new partnership.