Environmental Policy

Our approach to the Environment

We recognise the immediate and long-term challenges to our business and society posed by climate change. As a firm with a relatively small corporate headquarters and a focus on early-stage investments, our environmental impact is quite low. Nonetheless, we will seek to align with SDG 12 and contribute toward achieving the Paris Agreement. 

Forward conducted a materiality study at the end of 2020. As part of this study, the team used the UN’s SDGs as a framework to understand what is relevant and where we can have impact. 

For Forward

The outcome of our materiality study in 2020 highlighted that sustainable production and consumption (Goal 12) was materially important for Forward. As a result, we reviewed our environmental responsibilities and implemented the following: 

  • We developed internal processes to align ourselves with the Paris Protocol.
  • We minimise our waste through managing consumption, recycling and reusing items where possible.
  • We ensure our consumables, equipment and suppliers support our environmental goals.
  • We minimise the impact commuting and business travel has on our overall emissions, without impacting our business performance, through a part-time remote working policy.
  • We conduct most of our business meetings via video conference software, resulting in little travel, particularly as we largely invest in UK-based businesses. 

Looking ahead, our ESG Committee will be exploring other ways to measure and improve on our environmental impact. While we believe our environmental impact to be low, we understand that there is room to build on our early efforts, possibly via a reputable certification or initiative. We will share an update on this in our 2022 Annual Report.

For Founders 

Our investors actively analyse the environmental impacts of any potential investment through screening and due diligence processes. We review the carbon footprint information available to us and determine the company's commitment to reducing environmental emissions in the product, its operations, and its sales process for both the business and stakeholders. For more information on this process, see our Responsible Investment section within the Sustainability Report of our 2021 Annual Report.