Are you RoomLab ready?

June 26, 2021

RoomLab is an interior design platform which has brought together top interior designers on one website, making the traditionally rather clunky and expensive process much easier and much less expensive (£199 fixed fee per room).

The technology underpinning the site matches interior designers to customers, based on style/ taste etc. and the designer then creates the perfect room from images the customer sends of their space & furniture. For a slightly higher fee of £399 per room, a designer will even visit your home for an initial consultation.

Over the past few months, Suzann has been busy working alongside the Forward Partners team to build the RoomLab site and prepare to launch and is now seeing a flurry of customers keen to get homes in shape for Spring!

We caught up with Suzann about where her big idea came from:

"I was an interior designer running my own practice for six years before starting RoomLab, and was often approached by friends who wanted design advice and to source furniture for their own homes but didn’t know where to start. They couldn’t afford a traditional interior designer or didn’t even know where to source one, so they came to me.

I was also approached to design a home on the other side of London that I felt I would have to turn down due to a really busy schedule and the commute not being an option. The client was determined and asked if I would consider designing their home online, based on photos of his rooms, his furniture and Skype tours.

This was a great success, and I then did a couple more projects, all remotely. From that the seed was born – what if everyone had access to the most talented interior designers across the country without the need for on-site visits?"

Suzann and her team have already given our meeting rooms here at FP a complete facelift in line with our company values and we can't wait to see how the business grows over the next few months.

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June 26, 2021