Introducing Baselime and its mission to unlock serverless developer productivity.

July 25, 2022

Today we announce our investment Baselime's £1.5m seed round, led by Sequoia, including Antler and Octopus Ventures. Baselime is an observability-as-code platform that helps engineering teams of all sizes build better products in the age of serverless, increasingly considered the future of the internet. We spoke with with Boris Tane, founder and CEO of Baselime to find out more about why he started, where he thinks the serverless market is heading and why Baselime is a no-brainer for serverless engineering teams across the globe.

How did the idea for Baselime come about? 

As a developer, I found it pretty frustrating to be in the dark when my software systems were not behaving as anticipated. I had difficulties debugging production bugs in my serverless systems and found it ridiculous that users and customers were always aware of bugs before me!

Simply put, developers should be able to know what their systems are doing at all times. That’s why Baselime exists. We are shifting observability in the software development lifecycle to the left to make it a core part of the process of building large-scale applications.

What's the growth story so far?

We measure growth by the number of events users send us every day. We started about 8 months ago and have seen significant growth, from a couple of thousand events per day in January, to 1.4 million in the past 24 hours!

Tell us a little about your recent raise?

We recently raised a £1.5m round led by Sequoia Capital alongside Forward Partners, Octopus Ventures, Antler, and a group of angel investors who are ready to support us on this journey.

Who's on the Baselime team?

The Baselime team is still relatively small. We’ve been able to build multiple iterations of our vision and get it in the hands of early customers with a very small team.

The team consists of Axel Dovi, leading operations, Max Diamond, who is one of the best developers I’ve ever worked with, and myself.

What's next for Baselime with the new round of funding?

The first few months of Baselime were really about figuring out why it is that developers are having so many difficulties with their serverless architectures. With this round of funding, we’re focusing on deepening our understanding of developers’ struggles and addressing them by bringing to market a solution to fix them.

Why did Forward Invest in Baselime?

Baselime provides a missing piece of the serverless ecosystem, which along with other solutions can enable serverless to grow faster as a part of cloud computing overall. Alongwith Observability-as-code, Baselime aims to enable remote teams to collaborate and troubleshoot seamlessly. 

Due to the number of functions involved, observability is a particular problem for serverless architectures. Developers have to depend on solutions that are not fit for purpose for serverless, or cobble together in-house solutions, which takes time away from their main responsibilities. Baselime provides Observability-as-code, which is an effective way to quickly assess and resolve issues. It is an innovative and developer-centric approach, which comes from Boris' own extensive experience as a developer.

We invested in Baselime because we believe it has the potential to become the go-to platform for observability and remote collaboration tools. We were really impressed with Boris as a founder, in particular the combination of technical skills and thoughtfulness that he brings, along with his growth mindset. 

We are excited to see the value Baselime will add to the developer community over time.

Megha Prakash, Investor at Forward 

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July 25, 2022